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The newest addition of Empress Silk's basic luxury collection. This silk comforter is 100% silk floss filled with 100% cotton covered. Unlike our traditional silk filled comforter which is dry clean only, this washable silk comforter can be regular laundered. It also dries well with a regular dryer on the delicate setting due to our diamond pattern and binding, the silk floss stays well wash after wash. It is also hypoallergenic and asthma friendly. Compare to our regular silk comforter this washable silk comforter is light weighed and fit as all-season warmth.

-Filling - 100% Silk Floss, Shell - 100% Cotton.
-Machine Washable and dry-able.
-Hypoallergenic and asthma friendly.
-All seasonal warmth.
-Diamond pattern quilting prevent shifting.

Twin size comforter: 68" x 86"
Full size comforter: 76" x 86"
Queen size comforter: 88" x 90"
King size comforter: 104" x 90"
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Twin Washable Silk Comforter by Empress Silk
Twin Washable Silk Comforter by Empress Silk
Usually Ships in 2 to 3 Business Days
Sale Price: $300.00
Coupon Price!: $239.99

68W x 86L
4.8 Pound Mulberry Silk-Light Weight
Full Washable Silk Comforter by Empress Silk
Full Washable Silk Comforter by Empress Silk
Usually Ships in 2 to 3 Business Days
Sale Price: $350.00
Coupon Price!: $259.99

76W x 86L
5.0 Pound Mulberry Silk-Light Weight
Queen Washable Silk Comforter by Empress Silk
Queen Washable Silk Comforter by Empress Silk
Usually Ships in 2 to 3 Business Days
Sale Price: $400.00
Coupon Price!: $329.99

88W x 90L
6.0 Pound Mulberry Silk-Light Weight
King Washable Silk Comforter by Empress Silk
King Washable Silk Comforter by Empress Silk
Usually Ships in 2 to 3 Business Days
Sale Price: $500.00
Coupon Price!: $379.99

104W x 90L
7.2 Pound Mulberry Silk-Light Weight
Established in 1992 and located in the heart of New York City, Empress Silk is a designer and importer of luxury bed linens. As a small company, the owner is a "hands on" creative designer and Fashion Institute of Technology graduate with 20 years industry experience. For more than 15 years, Empress Silk has been designing luxury bed linens. Empress Home, a new division of Empress Silk, was launched in January 2008. Empress Home will serve as the foundation to expand our product offerings to included organic cotton, organic cotton and natural fiber blends and high-end bath linens. Classic designs, and traditional weaves are timeless and the foundation of Empress Silk bed linens. In addition, through in-house design, and new product development Empress Silk creates truly unique bed lines incorporating the latest fashion trends, exciting color palates and innovative fabrics of pure silk, silk/cotton blends, bamboo, organic cotton and organic cotton blends. Classic Silk Empress Silk utilizes the highest manufacturing standards and using only the finest, 100% Chinese silk woven into luxurious fabrics to create truly elegant bed linens and accessories. Our product lines include neutral color palates with classic weaves to create a traditional feel. In addition, Empress Silk incorporates vibrant colors, progressive designs and innovative weaves to create contemporary styles. In either style, the breadth of our bed linens and accessories allows our clients to create and market truly unique bedding ensembles. Innovative Fabrics and Blends Although renowned for our luxurious silk, Empress Silk also creates bed lines and accessories in new and innovative fabrics. Moreover, Empress Silk is always researching and incorporating new fabrics, weaves and techniques into unique bed linens. Silk and Cotton Blends Silk and cotton seamlessly blends the familiarity of cotton with the unmistakable look and feel of silk. Empress Silk offers both silk/cotton and cotton/silk blends woven in luxurious high-end thread counts. Each of these blends is available in classic colors and traditional weaves with timeless designs. Bamboo and Bamboo Blends Bamboo is the latest home furnishings and textile trend available from Empress Silk. Woven bamboo creates a comfortable, breathable and strong fabric with a soft and unique texture. Bed linens are available in a bamboo/cotton blend while throws and blankets are available in a 100% bamboo pile woven through a cotton base. Cotton and Organic Cotton Blends Empress Home used blends of organic cotton and natural fibers in creating truly unique "eco-friendly" linens. We created bed linens that seamlessly combine organic cotton and bamboo or organic cotton and silk. In addition, Empress Home introduced cotton sateen and cotton percale to their current product offering. Packaging & Dyes To further promote "eco-friendly" linens, Empress Home can also provide a variety of low impact dyes and environmentally friendly packaging. About Silk History identifies the Chinese Empress His-ling-shi, bride of Emperor Huang Ti, with the discovery of silk and its potential in 27th century BC. For thousands of years the processing and weaving of silk was a closely held secret known only to the Chinese. Although silk production is now widespread, Chinese silk produced by the bombyx mori worm is smoother, finer and rounder than other silks. Traditionally highly valued for apparel, silk is now the fabric of popular choice for home furnishings including bed linens, drapes, and carpets. Silk is elegant, versatile and the only fabric with an impressive 3,000 year history. Silk is the strongest of natural fibers, most often washable for easy care and resilient for long wear. Silk is breathable, naturally hypoallergenic, absorbs moisture, reduces humidity and is surprisingly cool in the summer and remarkably warm in the winter. Silk retains its shape, drapes and forms well, and has an unmistaken sheen and feel. Hand Wash: All Empress Silk duvet covers, sheets, and pillow cases are washable. The preferred method is hand laundered in lukewarm water with milk soap or detergent using a gentle hand movement. Do not soak too long. Rinse in cool water and roll silk in a towel to remove excess water. Never wring water from silk. Machine Wash: Larger items can be machine washed. Wash in cold water with mild detergent, no bleach, on a gentle cycle. Wash silk separate from other items and do not overload washer to avoid any unnecessary wear to the fabric. Silk dries quickly. Tumble dry on very low heat only if necessary. Dry Clean: Comforters and blankets are dry clean only. Ironing: Silk has a resistance to creasing or wrinkling, most will smooth out naturally. If ironing should become necessary, press the damp silk on the reverse side with an iron set on low. Silk charmeuse (satin) requires a cool iron to bring back the sheen. Note: These are general care guidelines for silk. Please refer to specific care instructions on each label.

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